What the heck is a Bent Press?

Bent Press Explanation An article by Dave Whitley

Bent Press Demonstration YouTube Tutorial by Dave Whitley

Lunchtime Workout:

20# Dumbell Windmill x 3/side

Bent Press:

35# Plate Bent Press x 1+2+3/side x 3 sets
Total Reps: 36 Bent Presses




Wed Dec 29 Ring Pullups

Lunchtime Workout:

Ring Pullups with False Grip.  1 pullup ever minute on the minute until chin doesn’t clear hands.
Total: 8 pullups

Practiced Barbell bent presses with empty barbell to get feel for balance and positioning with a barbell.

Tuesday Dec 27th Bent Press Ladders

I spent my Christmas vacation reading Pavel’s “Power to the People” and tried a couple of things this weekend.

Deadlifts from an elevated position.  Held at the top for 5 seconds before lowering.  325#, 375#, 400#

Bent Press with a 55# (35# barbell and two 10# rubber plates).  Quite awkward actually.  Must definitely work on the support infrastructure and balance to do more than one rep.  Also, low ceiling in basement is an impediment that I can make adjustments for by using the smaller diameter 10# metal plates.  There was also an incident involving improperly placed spring clips on the weights…. DOH!!

Tuesday Lunchtime Workout

Bent Press:

20# KB Bent Press x 3/side
35# KB Bent Press x 3/side
35# KB Bent Press x 1+2+3/side
35# KB Bent Press x 1+2+3/side

Total Reps: 36 Bent Presses

I’d like to focus on the continuation of the Bent Press Ladders and plan a “wave cycle” for improvements.  We’ll see how much my upcoming travel schedule allows.

Sage Words from a Friend

Thursday Dec 22 KB Swing, High Pull, and Snatch

Today’s exercise was a good way to break up the monotony of creating technical manuals at work.


20# KB Front Squat x 5 reps/side

35# KB Complex x 5 sets (Total 150 reps)

  • Left Hand KB Swing x 5, KB High Pull x 5, KB Snatch x 5
  • Right Hand KB Swing x 5, KB High Pull x 5, KB Snatch x 5

The sets weren’t done all at once, but 1 or 2 at a time as I was putting together binders and running copies from the copier.


Fitness and Futility

I’ve failed in a couple of ways:

  1. To continuously log my workouts or functional work I’ve done over the past several days.  Historically, I find the more consistently I logged what I do, the more likely I am to continuing doing it.  It’s not like anyone really reads this drivel, but being posted in the public domain does seem to hold me to a sense of accountability.
  2. I’ve decided to “partake” of the season and “enjoy” some holiday cookies and other miscellaneous treats.  I use the word “enjoy” loosely because the resultant sugar crashes, headaches, stomach aches, bloating, and inflammation have been anything BUT enjoyable.  Being away from insidious workings of wheat and sugar have seemed to heighten the impact they have on me.  I think I need to stop “enjoying” the holiday treats and just stick to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays… LOL

Lunchtime re-Calibration:

Multi-Kettlebell Deadlifts (switching hands after each set)
62#(RH), 50#(LH) x 10
62#(LH), 50#(RH) x 10
62#(RH), 50#(LH) x 10
62#(LH), 50#(RH) x 10
62#(RH), 50#(LH) x 10

Total: 50 Reps x 112# (5600# moved)

Thur Dec 15 KB Bent Presses


35# KB Windmill x 3/side

35# KB Bent Press x 3/side

50# KB Bent Press x 3/side

62# KB Bent Press x 2/side


Focused on the slow isometric movement of the Bent Press.  Kept Lat tight and corkscrewed under the weight, standing up with the weight overhead, then lowered the weight back to the rack position.

Wed Dec 14 Kettlebell Snatches


30 second Grok Squat

ATG Squats (Bodyweight) x 5

35# KB Windmills x 2/side

5 Minute Timer: 35# KB Snatch x 5/side x 17 (85 reps)

I’d done 130 reps with 25# Sunday evening.  It was surprising how many fewer I did with 35#.  I took fewer/shorter breaks than Sunday, but my cadence was much slower with a very brief pause at the top.

Tues Dec 13 Kettlebell Side Presses

Evening Practice:

25# KB Side Presses x 5/side x 3

Mon Dec 12th KB Windmills & Walk/Jog


KB Windmills
20#KB x 3/side
35#KB x 3/side
50#KB x 3/side
62#KB x 3/side

Walk/Jog (1 mile)
Walked 3/4 mile, Jogged 1/4 mile (to catch up with a co-worker)

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